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News latest stories, exclusives, opinion & I always do on the way home, and every so often I stop for a cheeky refresher. At the Royal London Hospital, the staff were in full battle mode, treating everyone, whirling in a hive of activity. I saw the man I had helped pull on to the ambulance wheeled past in the A&E corridor and I implored him to make it. Then the doctors grabbed me and hauled me into surgery. That relief lasted 90 seconds though before the panic set in. All these wonderful people from completely different walks of life. The best news was to come just hours later, when my old friend Vijay, turned up with my phone. The latest UK and World news, from Mirror Online. Find the best stories, opinion, pictures and video on the day's events.

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Across The Room - Dating and Out of the corner of my eye I saw two unarmed drunken idiots outside The Southwark attacking a lone bouncer. Given how nice, polite, professional all the door staff are in the area, I knew I had to intervene and defend the doorman. I finally had the means and found out that all my friends in the Black & Blue had survived. We were alive and still together, which is all that counts. Across The Room - The UK's premier black tie dating agency. We hold singles events across the home counties where you can meet people and hopefully find that special.

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The Book Club Shoreditch, East London To see my friends, eat, drink and have a damn good time. Me and the doorman shook hands and I wished him well. Instead of walking 20 yards to the Tube and my train home, I turned left and went to the Black & Blue steakhouse five doors up the road. I helped break up a fht and defended a bouncer from two attackers. Years of martial arts training means that my mind can focus, so that when trouble really starts, I can remain calm. This isn’t three losers having a go, this is something else. As the terrorists were trying to break in, I noticed the knives they had. I’ve done hundreds of knife defence drills over the years but only against knifes half that size. I knew that out of everyone there, my ss and training meant that I had the best chance of delaying the attackers until the police arrived or they’d get everyone.“Keep them focused on you. He had a facial wound, but we had no time, we had to go.“Come on mate, we’ve gotta go.” I grabbed and bundled him towards the restaurant’s staff changing room. At this point, I thought I had done my bit and was ready to stop. I got tagged with a yellow 2, which seemed serious. The Book Club in Shoreditch fuses creative events & late nht eating and drinking. DJs, live music, breakfast, brunch, exhibitions & cocktails.

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World News Breaking News and Opinion And to check out all the heartbreakingly pretty girls and try to convince one to make a mistake or two with a friendly hack like me. Job done, I deserve a quick beer and some food I thought. This is serious.” I raised my hands, moved instantly into combat stance. Then they can’t hurt the others.”I knew the police were coming. Groans filled the air, over the sounds of orders being barked to move people, to treat some immediately, to leave others for later, as their lives weren’t under immediate threat. Latest UK news, breaking news and current news, plus political news from uk, all the latest breaking stories.

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Parents' evening 'It's a little like speed It is after all, just a one-minute walk from The Sheaf, around 120 yards. I awoke on Sunday morning and every face I saw was beautiful. Somehow out of the chaos, he had managed to track down my phone! Hh mistress of St Paul’s School, Clarissa Farr, explains how to survive the dreaded parents’ evening.

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